Sunday, January 29, 2006

Our Family Farm

I'm a third generation family farmer with my son coming along right behind me. We enjoy the farm life and everything associated with it.

Our Jersey dairy cow (Coleridge-Butterbarn)is a hand milkier, she is currently dry after being AI bred to a registered Jersey bull in October of 2005, in her last lactation she raised five calves while we milked a gallon a day for our own use, we purchased the calves two at a time after she had raised her own calf. We have found there's nothing like fresh milk cream and home made butter. Grocery store milk is just colored water when it's compared to "real milk"

We raise Bore beef goats, for there lean meat. This is our Buck for the 2006 breeding season, at 240 lbs he's a pretty nice Buck.

We keep a small number of breeding Does 12 to 15 at the most and work toward having a small but healthy heard.

Spring and summer gardens are pollanated with our Italian Honey bees, we've kept bees for a number of years but simply never had the time to be beekeepers. As hives died out we replaced them not really knowing why the hives had become weak and died. In the past few years I've had more time to learn and enjoy beekeeping and it's been a fun experience. In the spring of 2006 I plan to try my hand at Queen rearing by grafting cells and also using a Jenter Queen rearing system.

Here are a few of our hives sitting in the woodline beside one of our hay fields.

In the spring of 2006 were planning to split hives and build more bee hive numbers, we also build our own hives and Nucs (small hives for starting new colonies)in our wood working shop.

If you would like to learn more about Raw milk Bore goats or beekeeping feel free to contact me.


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Any updates on your farm for this year? :)

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